Hi there, I am Balázs Schlemmer, or Baloo for short and I currently live in Malmö, Sweden. I am a building / travelling / aerial / industrial / concert photographer and I'd be glad to be at your disposal in projects related to photography and desktop publishing. Click here to contact me in email or via Skype.

I think, this is the part where photographers normally tell the world in what early age they fell in love with photography and what fancy cameras they got from their parents for their fourth birthday. Well, not me. I must admit that after the complete fiasco of a few early attempts, it was only during the last year of university when photography became the primary field of my interest — together with aviation. After an intensive learning curve I have gained, if I may say so without sounding too swollen-headed, a modest success in photography and become a proud owner of a private pilot licence, too.

I launched my small business in 2010 and since then I sold more than 2500 photos to different clients from real estate agencies to advertisers. Specialization in aerial photography was an obvious choice but due to its costly nature my clients have rather been into commissioning me with interior / exterior photography of office buildings, banks, shopping malls, depots and industrial facilities for their brochures, websites and other marketing projects. As a consequence, I have been drifted towards real estate photography in the first place.

In order to achieve proper results I always use different image postprocessing methods to correct those flaws that stem from the physical limitations/features of my pro system camera and its accessories (let them be whatever expensive and technologically advanced). These postprocessing methods include elimination of lens distortions, colour enhancements, equalization of light dynamics (avoiding under- and overexposure), perspective corrections etc. Since many of my customers prefer natural lighting over flash illumination I also developed my multi-exposure tone-mapping HDR technique to achieve the same, evenly illuminated result — only in a more natural way.

Besides photography I also deal with DTP. A lot of covers, books, journals and other small prints were designed, typeset, edited and organised under press by me. Apart from regular projects, and partially because I have a scientific researcher background myself, I am also specialised in scientific publications (conferenc posters, proceedings books, journals, journal articles with tons of charts, formulae, figures, tables etc.) See more info about it on the corresponding page. I feel privileged to be the technical editor of two scientific periodicals and to receive other commissioned projects from well-known scientific institutes on a regular basis. I also undertake smaller-scale projects, like designing an article's or book's figures, a logotype, a high quality presentation in PowerPoint etc.

As the old Chinese proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I would encourage you to browse through my very limited (but continuously expanding) portfolio. If you like what you see and you need a photographer and/or DTP expert, don't hesitate to contact me — I'd be more than happy to be at your service. Hope to see you soon!