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I have been dealing with word processing, image processing and DTP (desktop publishing) since 1997 — nearly 20 years by now. (Yep, I grew up on PageMaker and QuarkXPress, if those prehistoric software names still ring a bell for anyone...)

I do not only deal with DTP in practice, merely on a self-educated basis: having university degrees in Library & Information Science and in Communication & Media Studies, as well as having been lecturer in digital text and image processing at the Media Centre of ELTE University of Budapest for 5 years, I am educated to (and I make use of) such aspects as the history, typographic principles, written and unwritten traditions & rules, aesthetics and theoretical background of the bookmaking profession.


In the last 3 years, amongst 2 permanently ongoing scientific journals and many smaller projects (flyers, calendars, individual scientific articles, posters, graphical works and cover designs), my little private entrepreneurship, the S-Press Media Kft. carried out the DTP works of about 20 books from scratch to publication. I feel privileged to have such returning clients as well-known and respected universities, scientific institutions, public administration institutes and publishing houses all over Europe.

Beyond ordinary projects I am specialised in multilingual and scientific texts. While multilingual texts are often avoided by unskilled editors because of the difficulties stemming from foreign languages (lack of linguistic competence, unfamiliar typographic rules, unique characters with special diacritical marks, let alone texts written with alphabets other than Latin etc.), scientific texts might be even trickier and could take the difficulties to a whole new level: jointly edited publications with completely different formatting and structuring styles; as many types of charts, figures and illustrations as many authors contribute; heavy use of equations & formulae being painfully difficult to deal with in terms of typesetting; similarly time consuming and scientifically accurate reconstructions of figures, charts, sketches, tables, bibliographies, etc., and to top it all, publishing houses often have very strict criteria on length, styles and other fomattings to meet with. Well, I do not only like to deal with these challenging publications but am also skilled to process them from manuscripts and sketches into a press-ready state.


Apart from scientific posters and other publications I also undertake to design book/journal covers. Let it be hard or soft, colour or monochromatic, conservative or modern, simple or fancy, matte or glossy, with or without features like spot varnish or UV coating - they are all feasible. Just outline your expectations and I come up with a rocking design.


Under my portfolio's desktop publishing tab I provide a glimpse to a couple of rather challenging details of my latest works. One can find here multilingual books, including such delicacies as a Latin-Hungarian biography where the two texts were required to run parallel to each other, whereas only one of them was — richly — footnoted, or a conference proceedings book which is partially typeset in Korean. But one can also find here scientific publications with all those challenges multiauthored figures, equations and charts can bring. Finally, some cover designs are also to be found in the photo gallery.


Yep! I do it and I love it. I have clients from all over Europe and distance has never been an issue in the way of deliverying a particular project. Save on travelling costs, protect the environment — try it!


I hope that these samples give you an overview on my expertise. To discuss a project or to get a quote, please, contact me via e-mail, Skype or Facebook.